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Kart2013 offers a very feature-rich Retail solution that allows you to manage your Resellers panels VoIP reseller programs and VoIP carrier services across varied areas of expertise.Kart2013 . provides a cluster of profitable VoIP solutions, which include world class quality VoIP Call Termination at cost-effective rates.Kart2013. provide all kind of Voice, Data & IP wholesale carrier service, VOIP, Conferencing & all kind of Voice and Data Services. Kart2013. have million of traffic everyday. We are looking for good quality A-Z routes. Dont hesitate to contact with us if you have a good quality route. Our wholesale termination services is included with any of our reseller plans For security reasons, we no longer sell wholesale minutes to those who do not use our switch services and pre-pay by wire transfer. For security reasons, this amount must be paid by wire transfer only. Our hosted private label voip soft switch includes automated international DID provisioning, number porting and hosted pbx services. You can view your call history online and automatically recharge funds in your Porta Billing Web Control Interface.

You will be given a reseller wholesale account to use to terminate your traffic using our Porta Billing Voip Soft Switch. You can have sub accounts and will be able offer automatic markup of rates. The minutes you purchase will available under your account for use once we receive your payment.

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