Katalon Studio 20 - How to do Mobile (android) Testing on Windows with Katalon Studio | 8 STEPS


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Today we will learn

1. How to install Node.js
2. How to install Appium
3. How to setup Android device (mobile) for automation
4. Connection and Validation
5. Run TestCase on mobile

Step 1 : Check if Node.js is already installed
node -v
node --version
npm -v
npm --version

Step 2 : Download and install Node.js
check node.js is installed by running the above commands
node -v
npm -v
where node

Step 3 : Install APPIUM
check Java is installed on your system
java -version
npm install -g appium
npm install -g [email protected]

Check if appium is installed
appium --version
appium -v
where appium

Step 4 : Open Katalon Studio and connect to Appium

Step 5 : Setup android mobile device for automation
1. Settings - About Phone - tap 7 times on Build number
2. Settings - Developer Options - enable USB Debugging

Step 6 : Connect android device to your system (usb cable)

Step 7 : Run the sample mobile test project

Step 8 : Create a new test and try mobile recording
Run and Validate



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