KubeVirt - Kubernetes, Virtualization and Your Future Data Center [I] - Itamar Heim & Fabian Deutsch


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KubeVirt - Kubernetes, Virtualization and Your Future Data Center [I] - Itamar Heim & Fabian Deutsch, Red Hat

Kubernetes is a great orchestration tool for containers, but why stop there? Containers and virtual machines are going to co-exist in the data center. Let’s re-envision our virtualization and cloud solutions with Kubernetes as a single underlying platform.

We’ll introduce KubeVirt - a project to converge the future data center using Kubernetes as its infrastructure. We will cover how we are implementing a caring and stateful environment to run pet VMs in containers on top of Kubernetes - without contradicting its core assumptions. We will also be discussing gaps and how we plan to tackle those, drawing on our experience with KVM and and caring for pet VMs (and cats) for many years. The session will also include a demo of how we are doing this today and where we want to go next.

About Fabian Deutsch
Associate Manager, Red Hat

About Itamar Heim
Red Hat
Senior Director, Software Engineering
Itamar Heim is a Senior Director of engineering for Container, Virtualization and System Management. Itamar leads the community and product engineering teams comprising Satellite, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Container Management groups. Prior to this Role Itamar worked on architecture and technology as a Consulting Software Engineer in Red Hat, and as Chief Architect in Qumranet. Itamar has over 18 years of experience in managing development and integration of complex enterprise-grade software systems, specializing in management of networking, security and virtualization. Itamar holds an MBA and a bachelor degree in computer science.
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