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In Japan, there is no food more beloved than ramen, and there's no town more ramen crazy than Kyoto's Ichijoji neighborhood. It's considered the most competitive ramen area in the country, a place where famous national chains are born ー and hopes and dreams soar and crumble in the ramen industry. Ichijoji is well known in Japan but virtually unknown outside the country so -- WELCOME to KYOTO!

That's right, forget about Sapporo and Fukuoka ramen. It's Kyoto - and it's good. We'll visit 4 shops including a member's only shop.

★ Takayasu 中華そば 高安
★ Menya Gokkei 麺屋 極鶏
★ Takedaya ラーメン池田屋 京都一乗寺店
★ Ramen Tenho (Member's Only) URL:

Where is Ichijoji 一乗寺 ?
It's a short trip on the Eizan Line in Kyoto.

Visit Ichijoji on the Eizan Line with the Discount Osaka-Kyoto SIGHTSEEING pass ▶︎

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