Locating an optic fibre cable, with a broken trace wire.

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In this video, Ben is on a job and needs to locate an optic fibre cable. The cable has been buried with a trace wire, which is good, as that will make it traceable, however, the trace wire has been broken about 10 meters away from the pit.

So Ben goes through and shows us what he did on this job site, to get around that and still locate the optic fibre cable, for his client.


Geelong Cable Locations are the experts to call when you need to know where underground cables and pipes are buried.

We service Geelong, Melbourne and Country Victoria.

We offer:
- Electromagnetic Field Locating (also known as digital locating, or just cable locating)
- Ground Penetrating Radar
- Non-Destructive Digging (also known as hydro excavation, or vacuum excavation, or even just known as NDD)
- Concrete scanning
- Acoustic locating (perfect for locating poly water pipes)
- Drafting
- GPS plotting
- Project management

We’ve been in business since 1998, making us one of the oldest and most experienced service locating companies in Victoria.

Our manager Ben Minutoli was the first in Victoria to obtain his Dial Before You Dig certification and, to date, we’re still the only company in Victoria to have multiple technicians within the company who are DBYD certified (if you don't know, that’s the highest level of certification for a locator in Australia).

Actually, if you don't know about the Dial Before You Dig certification you can find out more about it here, at a blog post Ben wrote when it first came out: https://geelongcablelocations.com.au/...

And you can also read more about it on another blog post he wrote 12 months after it was started, as well as some tips on how to know which locator to pick to come out to your site: https://geelongcablelocations.com.au/...

If you have a question about either of those blog posts or, better still, if we can be of any assistance to you with any of your locating needs—or even if you’d just like to discuss a project you’re working on—then feel free to call us toll-free on 1800 449 543.

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