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The career we would be discussing today is: MBA in Telecom Management
Our entire video would be divided into 5 sections:
- Introduction.
- Nature of work.
- Eligibility and Professional Courses available.
- Best Colleges
- Career prospects and Salary
I would like to point out that the data given in this video is not exhaustive in nature and has been made for educational purposes only. Students are requested to perform their own due research before choosing a career.
You can check the description for additional details and assistance from Brain Checker.
So Let’s begin..
MBA in telecom management is the blend of management and technology in the era of electronic gadgets. From fulfilling the basic requirements to fastest, technological and appealing form of communication; telecom management covers it all. This interdisciplinary course equips you with essential skills to manage the extensive network of telecommunication.MBA in telecom management is exclusively designed for those who crave the knowledge of advanced technical and business management of applied telecommunications.
Now let’s go to, Nature of Work
MBA in Telecommunications/ MBA Telecom Management should focus on the ‘techno-managerial’ skills of a student. They should groom Electronics & Telecommunications Engineers with the managerial perspective in addition to their engineering/telecommunication background. Enhancing the soft skills of a technical student will also help him/her in boosting the confidence of an MBA Telecom Management student. Effective use of the right communication skills will also shape them into dynamic future managers/leaders in the Telecom Sector.
Some of the working areas are given below:
• Research Institutions
• Constructions Firms
• Banks
• Corporate Bodies
• Ministries

Now let’s go to, Eligibility and Professional Courses
• 10+2 Science with in either Arts/Science or Commerce is mandatory with at least 60% marks.
• Student has to be a graduate in any stream for example BA,B.Com, B.Sc or BBA to be considered for a Masters Program with at least 60% marks.
• Most Top Colleges require the applicant to clear the CAT Exam conducted by the IIMs and widely accepted by all leading Management Institutions in India
• State CET , MAT, CAT, GMAT, JMET or XAT are also accepted by some colleges as alternatives to CAT Scores
We at Brain Checker help students in choosing their career. To know if this career suits your talents or skill sets, you can consult a Brain Checker Career Specialist. Check link in the description for more details.
Now we are going to look at few good colleges offering this qualification:
• Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering and Management Noida
• International Institute of Telecom Management Hyderabad
• Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management,IIT Delhi
• Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management Pune
• Balaji Institute of Telecom & Management (BITM) Pune
• MIT School of Telecom Management Pune

And many more…..
Moving on to the next part of the video........
Career Prospects
India estimates that Indian telecom sector is expected to generate four million direct and indirect jobs over the next five years. IBEF, in its Telecom Industry Overview report dated October 2017, states that according to the report by the research firm Market Research Store, the Indian telecommunication services market is likely to grow by 10.3 percent by 2020 (as mentioned earlier).
Hence, the career prospects in this sector or specialization seem to be very positive.

Career opportunities include :
• Lecturer/ Teacher
• Telecom Engineer
• Telecom Operator
• Business Development Manager
• Internet Service Providers
And many more……….
Salary in this career field is based on experience, education and type of TQM management position. The starting salary of a division manager can be anywhere between Rs20,000 and Rs 25,000. Remuneration increases with experience and position enhancement in the firm one is employed at. As one gains industrial experience, salaries can shoot up to as high as Rs.40, 000 to 50,000 per month.
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