Me Kemaste (Ft. Dame Tu Cosita) - Just Dance 2020 (Unlimited) [Fan Made]


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Back in 2018, I made a fan made Just Dance video of Dame Tu Cosita, which was a HUGE meme at the time, this video aimed at making the song look like its in Just Dance by adding all the Just Dance UI like the pictograms and stuff and even adding it to the menu via video editing. This video will be 2 years old tomorrow (June 1st 2020) and just reached 40 MILLION VIEWS today WHAT!? For whatever reason this video still gets TONS of attention still. This song was officially later added to Just Dance Unlimited.

Even though the video was a huge joke and a meme, I am so thankfully and amazed that a video I made got that much attention and still gets that much attention. So to celebrate I made a sequel to the video!

Last year a music video for the song "Me Kemaste" was uploaded and featured the dancing alien from Dame Tu this was the perfect time to make a fan made for it but now in Just Dance 2020 / Unlimited! Don't worry this song is about being heart broken and about nothing dirty. I recreated most of the UI including the menu UI from scratch myself and tried to emulate the animations from Just Dance 2020, its not 100% accurate but it looks very similar! A lot of the actual in game UI was ripped by various users so I used and modified their footage to make the music video look like its in the game, here are the credits:
Just Dance VIP
Just Dance Fan

I will be making another Just Dance meme fan made video soon!! Featuring a dancing Ninja from Tik Tok...
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