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I show the main components of my FiOS installation and explain what you need to know if you plan on getting it. My ONT is an all-in-one indoor model, an outdoor model will have the battery pack and power supply as separate units, which will be installed indoors. One thing I did not mention is that the ONT needs a dedicated electrical ground, this can be as simple as connecting it to a copper water pipe. In the video, this is the green wire coming out of its top right corner.

The main network switch you see is a 16-port gigabit switch from D-Link, with a patch panel above it, both mounted to a makeshift rack. The network lines run from the back of the patch panel to jacks in each room, but so far only the first floor is complete.

I only have one phone line now, but I wired up the second line so that if I need another one in the future, all Verizon has to do it turn it on from their end. All the phone jacks in the house are wired up to both lines.

Disclaimer: If you plan on installing your own power outlet for your ONT, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, WEAR RUBBER GLOVES, and BE CAREFUL! I take no responsibility if you electrocute yourself or cause an electrical fire!

My plan consists of...
Internet: 35/35. Normally tests at 42/31 over ethernet, haven't tested internet speed over Wi-fi.
TV: Ultimate HD, One multi-room DVR, one set top box, one SD only set top box. HBO and Showtime Starz channel packs.
Phone: Digital voice unlimited, one line.

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