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Today we are going over the New Frontier polymer lower. This is an all polymer lower. The trigger, safety, takedown pins, mag catch, and even the hammer are polymer. The only metal parts are the buffer tube components, bolt catch, action springs and pistol grip screw. That means you are getting a very lightweight lower from Frontier Arms. The body is made using a new formula and different reinforcing fibers than you're used to seeing. Once we install the Minimalist stock, stock end plate, and Magpul MOE K pistol grip we will be roughly a pound lighter than my Bushmaster lower. The only downside to this lower is the overall fit and finish. There is molding flash in several places where the seam lines are. On top of that the seem lines are very visible. While that is purely cosmetic it can be a problem if the burrs are located on your trigger. However these problems can easily be fixed at home in a short amount of time. If you guys have any questions please leave them in the comment box below. Thanks and take care.

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