Nobody Showed You the History Of India Like This!


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Nobody Showed You the History Of India Like This

This is India! Just look how beautiful, magical and spiritual this place is. Green trees, deep blue rivers, hot shining sun… India. Are you ready to travel back in time again? Buckle up because it’s going to be a long rough ride!

Once upon a time, or to be more accurate, around 70,000 years ago people in Africa decided that they got tired of living with angry hungry neighbors aka hungry animals. They left the continent and reached India. It was a long hard way. The scientists will later call it the coastal migration. Yep, they have a word for everything.

They didn’t stand idly by. They beginning to learn the surroundings and by 6,500 BC began farming. They also raised cattle, goats, and sheep. Water buffalo were used to pull carts. Guys, now that we have food, let’s created something to store it in. By 5,500 BC they intended and widely used pottery. Well done people.

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