North's Time as a Prostitute - Detroit: Become Human


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Detroit: Become Humans have players playing a huge role in the Android Revolution. Taking place in future Detroit Androids have become commonplace tools that have replaced most jobs and services. Bettering certain lives while also destroying many others.

Due to a programming issue Androids can obtain free will and become Deviants. This will incite the sparks of the Android Revolution as 3 Androids will become paramount in how this revolution starts and ends. Decide the fate for the future of the Android race by either supporting or destroying the Android's fight for freedom.


Detroit: Become Human:

Markus and North Kiss:

Deviant Connor vs Android Connor:

Hank Hugs Connor:

All Zlatko's Deaths:

Alice and Kara Dies in Recall Camp:

All Chloe Endings:

Connor Does Nothing:

All Canadian Border Outcomes:

Connor's Tie:

Kara's Sacrifice:

Gavin Ask Connor for Coffee:

Connor vs 6 Soldiers:

Kara Stealing from Store:

All Sumo Scenes:

Connor Tricks Lovers:

Kamski Ending:

North Sacrifices herself for Markus:

Kara and Alice Dies:

Markus and North's Final Kiss:

Markus Burns Himself Alive:

Markus Betrays his People:

Kara Abandons Alice:

Alice Dies, Kara Commits Suicide:

Amanda Kills Connor:

Markus Visits Carl:

Connor Becomes Deviant Leader:

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