November 2023 Energy Update - Lee Harris


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Hi everyone,

The November #EnergyUpdate has arrived and it's good to be back with you all.

October, as we know, was a very charged month energetically. Looking at what has been going on in the world in recent weeks, many of us were overwhelmed, triggered; our nervous systems got activated by what we were seeing and experiencing. And of course, there were many brothers and sisters around the world going through a great deal of turbulence, crisis, and incredibly intense events. So, as we move into November, it's important to be taking extra care with yourself and others.

Just a few of the themes we'll look at to help you navigate this month are:

???? How Are You Recovering from the Events of This Past Month,

???? Trust and Surrender on a Personal and a Political Scale, and

???? What Timeline Are You in Right Now? Are You in the Future, or Are You in the Now?

We'll explore these themes more deeply, along with several more, so be sure to watch the full Energy Update.

These are intense times. Remember to look after yourselves and others in the days ahead.

Big love,


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00:01 - Intro
01:18 - Recovery - nervous system and emotional/mental bodies from events of October
06:30 - Feeling our feelings or aiming our wounds?
10:42 - Trust and Surrender (personal and political)
15:15 - Depth Plunge into DEEP awareness this month (which will lead to change)
18:02 - The restorative powers of joy, love, and peace
21:55 - What timeline are you in right now? The future beckons….
24:55 - 2023 energy beginning to close out in November
26:31 - 2024 is a year of strength

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