Once Upon a Time in Japan: Traveling History Seminar in Japanese History


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Once Upon a Time in Japan is a hands-on, intensive Japanese history seminar, created in partnership with and tailor-made for the students of the College of William and Mary and Dickinson College, two of our exchange partners. The innovative program takes a small group of students to over 40 historical sites in 10 cities, all in less than four weeks. After a short stay in Akita, students travel, together with the instructor, from Aomori in the north all the way to Nagasaki in the south, thereby tracing the course of Japanese history from Jomon prehistory forward in time to World War II. At each site, students take part in English-language, on-site interactive discussions about the sites' historical roles and the key events which occurred precisely where they are currently standing. The program is designed to deepen their understanding of Japanese history by making it experiential.

No Japanese language ability is required! The course is taught entirely in English, and in addition to the survival Japanese lessons the program includes, which help students in their travels, on-site translation and help with meals and so forth is provided throughout. This spring, we hope you will consider retracing the course of Japanese history with us, by joining Once upon a Time in Japan!


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