Pakistan-India conflict: Why Kashmir is the centre of the dispute


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What is causing the Kashmir conflict?

Tensions between Pakistan and India - the two nuclear powers that share most of the disputed region - have been high since Indian aircraft crossed into Pakistan in late February, carrying out what India called a pre-emptive strike against militants blamed for a Feb. 14 suicide bombing in Indian-controlled Kashmir that killed 40 Indian troops.

Pakistan retaliated, shooting down two Indian planes and capturing a pilot, who was later returned to India in a peace gesture. The two countries have also resumed bus and train services that were stopped following the escalation of tensions, the most serious in the long-simmering conflict since 1999, when Pakistan's military sent a ground force into Indian-controlled Kashmir.

But on March 6, Indian and Pakistani soldiers shelled military outposts and villages along their highly militarized frontier in Kashmir, in an outbreak of new violence despite stepped-up diplomatic efforts by the rival countries to ease tensions.

As Aalia Adam explores, the conflict between Pakistan and India goes back decades, and has struggled to maintain any meaningful peace agreement.

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