PS4 JAILBREAK 6.72 How to Install Fedora 32 Tron Edition by ITmania Part 7


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Here is where you can download the Image for Linux:

This was the bz image recommended for PRO users:

Did not work for me (might have been mistake I made with resolution) so I used this one:

I used this intramfs.cpio.gz:

Place these on a fat32 formatted drive as shown in video. Use this app to format drive:

To update the system, use this command:
- sudo dnf update -x kernel*,libdrm*,mesa*,xorg-x11-drv-a*

To auto mount usb enter this in terminal:

sudo dnf -y install fuse-exfat

To change time first change time zone then time for me this is what I did

timedatectl list-timezones

Saw my time zone Americ/New_York then I changed to su

timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York

Then I entered (not as su but sudo)

sudo date 100819252020

Format for you will be same but info different MMDDHHMMYYYY or month month date date hour hour minute minute year year year year

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