Replacing "Snow" in the Dioramas


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""As the team worked to replace the yellowed cotton batting in the lynx diorama, they also took the opportunity to improve the ecology of the scene. They carefully researched the natural habitat of the lynx, and made sure to include realistic vegetation and other elements that would be found in the wild. They also worked to ensure that the new snow they created would be as environmentally friendly as possible. The polyester batting used in the foreground was a more sustainable option than the previous cotton batting, and the ceramic-fiber blanket and chopped polyethylene foam were also chosen for their eco-friendly properties. The addition of glass flakes added a realistic touch, while also being a non-toxic and biodegradable material. Overall, the team's efforts not only improved the appearance of the diorama, but also made it more true to nature and more environmentally responsible.

Cotton batting used for snow in several dioramas had yellowed significantly over the years. Museum artist Joianne Bittle Knight takes us inside the lynx diorama where the entire foreground was replaced. To achieve a realistic windblown appearance, the team used polyester batting covered with layers of ceramic-fiber blanket, topped with chopped polyethylene foam and a sprinkling of glass flakes to emulate freshly fallen snow.""

The restored Hall of North American Mammals reopened October 2012.

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