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The basic XDM-100 cage contains slots for I/O interface modules, and dedicated
slots for the MXC cards and the ECU.
The modules and cards are distributed as follows:
Eight (8) slots, I1 to I8, optimally allocated for I/O interface modules.
Two (2) slots, A and B respectively, allocated for the MXC cards (main and protection).
Each MXC has two slots (Slot A has A1 and A2 and Slot B has B1 and B2) to Accommodate SDH/SONET aggregate modules.
One (1) slot allocated for the ECU. The ECU is located beneath the MXC cards. Its front panel features several interface connectors for management, external timing, alarms, order wire, and overhead (future release).
It also includes colored alarm severity LED indicators and selectors, and a display for selecting specific modules and ports for monitoring purposes

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