Simplifying Telecom Billing with Customized Solutions | An Invoicera Case Study


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#TelecomIndustry is one of the most dynamic businesses of today’s time. This time our client had to struggle two major problems to keep its clients satisfied.

Our client is based in the telecom industry and deals with a large customer base. Managing CDRS and a large customer base was one of the most crucial tasks. Apart from all the other requirements, the above two had the most emphasis.

Our journey started with creating an independent hosted platform ensuring to embed all the requirements mentioned. Here is all that we were asked to customize:

1. To synchronize a VOIP system to easily fetch data from CDRS
2. A system to directly & conveniently upload data through CDRS
3. To make dynamic billing easy.
4. Send invoice as per CDRS data
5. Manage tax as per VOIP
6. Recurring billing system

Keeping in mind all the requirements shared with us, we created a completely self-hosted system for our client. Read below:

1. CDRS to Invoice Conversion: Conversion of raw data into .CSV or .XLS format
2. Recurring invoice Management: Automated recurring billing, scheduling, and sending
3. Invoice Management: Customized Data entry fields and template customization
4. Client Management: Add new clients, sort, and filter them!
5. Staff Management: Add members and define their permissions

Read in detail about how Invoicera helped our clients make their #TelecomBilling hassle free!

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