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Similar to an apple with flattened ends, the ripened light, buff green fruit comprises of numerous seeds and has brownish white colored soft flesh which is sweet and sour in taste, somewhat similar to wood apple. Consumed with coconut milk, the flesh makes a delicious drink. The fruit is capped by an approximately 5-6 cm broad, large green star shaped calyx with 6 sepals, and a long pointy projection (stigma) at the tip of the fruit. Once the calyx is detached in the ripened fruit, a crimson rim is revealed.

Single or few fruits are borne at the end of the branches. Growing as shrubs or trees of about 5-15 m, they comprise of conical shaped upward pointing roots which is a significant character of the species. Usually found in coastal muddy lagoons and river mouths among mangrove vegetation which have saline conditions and are more common in the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

Fruiting season: March to October

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