Sydney: iPhone 7 launch from 7.37am + inside Telstra + the line at 8.24am


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This video shows the queue at the Sydney CBD Apple Store on the corner of King and George St in Australia. I start at approx 7.37am showing where the queue started (at that time).

Once I get to the front of the doors where the other media is located, I stopped recording. I added under a minute showing you what the environment look like at that moment.

Then there's a 10 or so minute section which is the count down to the 8am opening - you can see and hear the Apple Store staff cheering, and the first people going in - watch from the 10 minute mark to catch the last 30 seconds or so before the store doors open.

Then next bit of video shows the first customers getting ready to triumphantly exit the store with their new matte black iPhone 7 purchases - this happens from approx 17 minutes and 40 seconds.

The video after that is a couple of minutes inside Telstra's flagship store on George St, opposite Apple's flagship Sydney store.

The last bit of the video shows what the queue outside the Apple Store looked like at approximately 8.24am.

Date Added: 2019-02-28

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