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This telecom installation tool kit is great for voice and data communications installers. It comes with many of the essential tools, and includes a butt set. At an affordable price of just over $200, anyone can afford this. From data pros to at home DIY installers, this kit has you covered.

Kit Contents:
• MT-8001 - Butt Set w/Bed of Nails Test Leads (902-267)
• MT-7051N - Multi-modular cable tester
• CP-376KX - Professional Modular Crimps Strips & Cuts tool
• CP-3140 - Punch down tool 110 blade
• PM-736 - Dual color long nose plier 136mm
• PM-737 - Dual color diagonal cutting Plier 125mm
• SD-202A - Flat head pro-soft screwdriver 5x75mm
• SD-207A - Flat head pro-soft screwdriver 6x100mm
• SD-207B - Philips head pro-soft screwdriver #2x100mm
• SD-220B - Philips head pro-soft screwdriver #2x40mm
• ST-2012H - Soft side tool pouch (305x235x95mm)

Add some electricians scissors to complete the package.

Using this kit to make cat5e/cat6 ethernet cables? Instructions here:

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