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The Spiral Electric - The Spiral Electric (New Full Album) The Spiral Electric are a new psychedelic rock band from San Francisco, bringing a mixture of roaring guitars and orbiting synthesizer not heard this side of the galaxy since HAL 9000 dropped acid with Brian Jones in the windmills of your mind. The long-awaited new album by San Francisco-based heavy psychedelic/acid rock band The Spiral Electric is a sprawling, self-titled double-LP, almost three times the length of their previous two releases. Unleashed in the studio with producer Steve Kille (Dead Meadow), the group’s new collection is a much darker and heavier affair than their earlier work.

The band is powered by a brutal rhythm section comprised of drummer Matias Drago and bassist Michael Summers, injecting the Spiral Electric’s sound with a potent groove that propels the songwriting of guitarists Clay Andrews and Nicolas Percey into realms previously unexplored. This is the tight line-up who recorded in the studio. Since then, Summers has amicably departed the band and new bassist Cedar Wingate has joined the fold. The arrangements on The Spiral Electric are much more complex this time around, with an army of percussion, swirling synthesizer work, and layered vocal harmonies sweetening the driving riffs and caterwauling leads, and organ/piano keyboards figuring much more prominently in the sound.

The quartet forge boldly into other flavors of music – ranging from jangly psychedelic ballads to buzzsaw riffing, with songs veering dangerously close to doom metal, manic surf/punk, and even spacey atonal interludes, but the band manage to bring it all back into a sound that is distinctly their own. Mastered by Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Mars Volta, Pixies), the 66-minute double album is a bold statement by one of the most notable bands to emerge from San Francisco’s modern psychedelic scene.

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1. A Descent into the Maelstrom - 0:00
2. No Bridge Left Unburned - 6:06
3. Swamp Type Thing - 9:48
4. Drown My Sorrows - 15:23
5. Episode I - 20:43
6. Staring Down the Barrel - 21:43
7. Marbles - 25:47
8. Wildflowers - 32:53
9. The Final Moment - 36:52
10. Episode II - 41:38
11. Hole in My Soul - 43:09
12. The True Nature of Sacrifice - 49:15
13. Episode III - 57:44
14. I Could Be Healed - 58:29

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