This is what it’s like to work in Japan// Girl Abroad Ep. 1


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This is episode 1 of Girl Abroad. Sorry it's not an original title but it's the only thing that sounds right for this series. I want to do more vlogs and conquer my fears of vlogging alone. I am alone most of the time and my friends are not always matching up with my schedule but I love watching people and their lives while they're by themselves because it makes me feel ok to be by myself. I want to get healthier, practice self-love, and travel alone more often in these videos. But I want to introduce you to people that aren't Youtubers. So I hope you'll enjoy this series and if they do well I will keep it up!

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Hi! My name is Kelly and I am an English teacher living in Japan! I studied Japanese and education at Michigan State University with a minor in TESOL so I am living the dream!
I`m also a singer/songwriter and love to travel and eat lots of yummy food around the world!
I post videos about lifestyle, health, and travel.
l please don't be afraid to comment on what I can improve on as well as on any travel tips you have or cool places to visit!


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