To Bridge or Not to MoCa Bridge your Verizon FIOS Router

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UPDATE 12/18.2017: MY MOCA BRIDGE IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. Unfortunately, The device I purchased (Actiontec ECB6000S02) is not fast enough or something because, though I was able to get guide and OnDemand listings, I was not able to watch OnDemand programming without stalls, sputters and halts. I reconnected my bridged Actiontec MI424-WR Rev. I router in the same configuration and things are working better (the jury is still out). I had a previously bridged router (according to this method: - which by itself quit working, which I connected in the same way as the MoCa adapter (Eth from Eth switch to WAN on Actiontec and coax to coax port). This has been a complete pain in the butt and I would just switch back to Comcast if I wasn't on a 2 year contract with Verizon. But it seems to be working now with a few caveats. I have 50mb internet service and if someone is using the internet somewhere else in the house, the OnDemand video streaming may stutter or pause. This does not happen with video streaming on my wireless Firestick on the same network. F-n Verizon.

It took me over a year to get this working because the information was just not clear enough for me on the web or YouTube. I finally found the video below and settings for my router which helped me tremendously. I used to have my old Verizon Actiontec router bridged to my personal router until VZ changed their DHCP policies to a 2 hour timeout. So I unhooked it and reset the VZ router to the standard settings. Wondering if any new information was out there, I stumbled upon the video and settings below and renewed my passion for remote management. Following the instructions from the video, I purchased the Actiontec ECB6000S02 MoCa adapter on amazon for $69. I used my previously configured Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite (ERL), and called Verizon FIOS tech support to switch my ONT to the ethernet data port. The MoCa adapter was necessary to inject data back into the coax for On Demand and guide services to my set top box. I also added an instruction to my ERL settings to adapt to the wonderful [NOT] changing DHCP service. Verizon tech support was very helpful in switching my data port to ethernet as well as releasing the DHCP lease. Now I have full VPN, remote desktop, firewall, separate network for my security system and more, brotatochip!


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