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Securing your whole network with a VPN is not an easy deal, especially if you have a lot of devices. You can, however, perform a VPN router installation and cover your whole network instantly. This video explains why you need a VPN on your router, how to put a VPN on your router and the best VPN router options.

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Why use a VPN on a router?
1:09 How to set everything up?
1:43 How to choose a good VPN?
2:50 Tutorial begins
3:07 Downloading configuration files
3:32 Accessing the router
3:47 Setting up VPN
4:42 Conclusion

Straight out of the bat, I can name a couple of reasons why VPN router combo is useful.

First of all, you don’t care about the simultaneous connections limit that many VPN providers have. That’s the main difference between VPN router vs VPN service, and it helps a lot, especially when you have a lot of devices.

Secondly, you can even use VPN routers in conjunction with devices that don’t have dedicated VPN apps, such as consoles or certain smart TVs.

Thirdly - your connection will be secured 24/7, without the need to connect on each device’s startup.

Unfortunately, installing a VPN on router is pretty confusing, so let me help you with a quick VPN router setup guide.

Does your router support VPN?

This should be written in the manual straight away. But even if you don’t have the best VPN router with full compatibility, it’s still possible to make some of them work with custom firmware. On the other hand, if you are renting your router from your Internet Service Provider, you probably won’t be able to install VPN on your router. ISPs often provide the cheapest possible routers with limited firmware, so it won’t be possible to perform advanced configurations required to setup a VPN.

Installing a VPN on router:

When choosing a VPN, look for providers with inherent router support. For VPNs like Surfshark, ExpressVPN or NordVPN router compatibility is very good. ExpressVPN even has a dedicated router app. Even if you have another option in mind, all you need to look for is compatibility with your router and easy installation guides. Good VPNs often have 24/7 live chat customer support services. That said, don’t just skip security and privacy features either - you have to keep yourself secure. In any case, you can check the discounts for the best VPNs I found in the description below.

As for routers, I recommend using one of those - they have native support for a VPN router connection, so setting them up is very easy. Alternatively, it's best to use a router with firmware that is based on OpenWRT, as it natively supports WireGuard which is super useful on router configurations. A good option to go for would be any kind of router from GL.iNet. Though most VPN nowadays do not support a manual WireGuard connection, so we will use OpenVPN for now.

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