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This Simplilearn video on What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses? will help you understand how to prepare for the strengths and weakness question asked in an interview. Here, we will provide you tips to crack this tricky interview question. So, let's get started and look at this job interview question and answer

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✅Imagine when your interview is going all well, and suddenly the interviewer asks you what your strengths and weaknesses are? Why do you think such a question is asked in the first place? Well, it is asked to see how good you evaluate yourself and how self-aware you are. Through your answer, the interviewer also tries to understand how fit you are for the job based on its nature.

✅Let's begin with the first part of the question, and that is what your strengths are. Refrain from using multiple adjectives to showcase how good you are as this can make you look overconfident. Instead, use a couple of attributes that you think you have and at the same time those that are going to be highly beneficial for the job you are applying for. The best way you can do this is by understanding the job description well and mapping your qualities to those that can be a boon to the job.

✅For example, if you apply for a job that requires you to work with data and provide business results, one of your biggest strengths could be problem-solving and critical thinking. Other examples of strengths that work well for almost every job are an eye for detail, team player, time management, flexibility, quick learner, etc. The next key point to keep in mind is to pinpoint your strengths with evidence. Just listing these adjectives won't suffice. You need to speak of one or two situations at work or during your college times, wherein you have been successful because of your strength. For instance, you can say how your time management skill helped you complete a project way before the deadline. This way, you are supporting your strength with a true story as well. By doing this, you sound honest and more believable to the interviewer. You are free to add other strengths that you feel suit you; however, keep the list short and quantify it down.

✅Let's get to the trickier part, and that is how to answer ""what are your weaknesses?"" Before answering this question, carry out a self-reflection, identify your weakness, and try to improve. Our first tip to you here is not to say that you don't have any weaknesses, because the interviewer will understand in an instant that you are lying. All of us have some weaknesses, and it is okay to acknowledge them.

✅Next, don't try to answer this question with an obvious strength; for example, do not say you are too hard-working or that you are an idealist. This sounds unbelievable and too cliche. You shouldn't answer this question with any of your personal weaknesses and remember to be professional. So how do you answer then? Think of a real weakness that you have experienced in the past and construct a story around it. The next step is to mention how you are working on your weaknesses and mention the steps you have taken to overcome them. Weaknesses are not personality traits. Hence, one can always take the initiative to overcome them; what matters is for us to be cognizant of our weaknesses. Interviewers should feel like your weaknesses are no longer that bad, and you must keep them in the past.

✅When listing your weaknesses, you need to be clever and read the job description first. Sometimes, the weaknesses you say might not gel well with the job you are applying for. It would be best if you didn't seem like a misfit for the job because of your weakness. Hence, it is safe if you speak of a legitimate weakness simultaneously, a one that doesn't affect your hiring.

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