What is B2B Marketing in Hindi - How B2B Marketing & Sales is Done? B2B vs B2C Examples!


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B2B Marketing in Hindi. What is B2B marketing and how is it difference from B2C marketing? What are the different techniques and strategies of B2B marketing in India? How is B2B marketing done?

This video explains you how B2B marketing and sales is executed. How do large deals get done? How is B2C marketing strategy different than B2B? In this video you will learn about the basics of B2B marketing, what defines it, how it is done and how the execution is done.

Enterprise sales is different from regular retail sales. This video gives you easy to understand examples in Hindi with an Indian context. Hope that you are able to understand B2B marketing after watching this video. Of course if you have any questions about Business to Business Marketing, then feel free to comment below.

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