Why Chattanooga built a Municipal Broadband Network

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EPB is a municipal utility in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has 172,000 customers, 117 substations, 3,582 circuit miles of electric distribution lines, and a summer peak demand of about 1300 megawatts.

The project involved system-wide deployment of smart meters to 170,000 customers, installation of more than 1,400 automated feeder switches, and deployment of communications and information management systems for AMI (Advanced metering infrastructure) and DA (distribution automation) operations. Smart switching communications use the utility’s fiber optic network and are centrally controlled by the utility’s upgraded Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Some of the benefits of investing in smart grid technologies, tools, and techniques include faster utility responses to power outages and the ability to restore services more quickly compared to traditional outage management techniques. For example, distribution automation (DA) technologies and systems provide grid operators with greater visibility into disturbances and the ability to reroute power flows automatically, reducing the number of affected customers from downed power lines. Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of outage management procedures by pinpointing outage locations and enabling repair crews to restore services faster and at lower cost.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure. AMI also plays an important role in service restoration following outages. Utilities “ping” smart meters using the data communications network to verify outage status and better coordinate dispatch of repair crews to outage locations. Most smart metering systems are designed to send a “last gasp” alarm when the power goes out and send another alarm when the power comes on.

EPB reports that the deployment of DA equipment is part of EPB’s plan to more fully automate its distribution system. Moving forward, EPB expects data from the smart switches to provide information on real-time loadings on all of EPB’s transformers so that demand can be better calculated and planned for, thus utilizing existing capital assets more effectively.

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