यह 20 काम Japan को दुनिया से बेहतर बानाता हैं Unique Thing Learn from Japan science and technology


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यह 20 काम Japan को दुनिया से बेहतर बानाता हैं Unique Thing Learn from Japan science and technology

Hello friends, science and scientific research fact and analysis in various fields like medical science, medicine and biology has helped us in the creation of technology that can save real lives of real people. Human patients in hospitals that are critical in their health condition. Discoveries in science and technology improved humans life in a whole another level and many developed countries has been actively encourages their people for new interesting researches. For me this country is little bit enigmatic because of their culture. Japan is the one most advance countries in twenty century. But there is something unique and shocking about Japanese culture which will amaze you. You maybe hear about japan technology advancement, japan bullet train and also about japan tsunami but there habits and how the behave in real life, can be unbelievable for some people. In this video we are going to analysis some strange information about Japan school and also physiology of Japanese people.They could be the most advance countries in the world but they are also the humble one. This video explained how people in Japan vs India in real life and also how they socially different from each other. We in this video by analysis and investigation and try to uncover the shocking facts of Japanese life. Let’s watch the entire video in Hindi to know about a country which have so many interesting facts.

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