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Hey loves, in this video I discuss the German language. I tell some stories about how I learned German. ALSO I kept laughing when I said Swiss-German words, please dont take the the wrong way! I just dont speak Swiss-German and it was funny to speak it, for me! Thanks for checking out my NEW channel! Click to subscribe! Let's hang! Sarah Social: Twitter: Instagram: FB: Snapchat: @sarah-nourse Matthias Social: Twitter: Instagram: Business email: **Hey Friends! You are welcome to send me an email, however, I get so many emails everyday I cannot guarantee a reply to everyone! Discounts Codes: My Hair Extensions! Use SARAH5 on Luxy Hair Extensions Free AirBnb Gift card! Use my link to claim $46 in travel credit! Check out Fiverr! I use this for so so many things. Such a great way to outsource and save time/money! Music: Outro Next to You by jimmysquare Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library Equipment: Big Camera: Vlog Camera: Mic: Tripod: Lighting: Edit: imovie
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BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content
Bookstores have always driven me crazy. So much to read and so little time! And now with our lives chock full of CONTENT--Netlflix, podcasts, social media, YouTube, and the 24 hour news cycle--when the hell are we supposed to find the time to get through a book? This has haunted me for awhile now. So I decided to make a film about it, hoping to find a way through my bookstore anxiety--a way to re-balance my content diet in order to read more books. This was originally released in chapters on Vero and you can find additional content and other goodies there: Tim Urban’s blog Wait But Why: Eric Barker’s blog: Howard Berg (sign up for his class!): Music: "Read A Book" by Bomani Armah: Jonathan Zalben: Javelin: Vibe Mountain: Local Drone/Ronin Outfits: BirdsEye Portugal: Hout Video (Maastricht/Brussels): Agustin Actis (Buenos Aires): Willie Leniek: https (Buenos Aires):// Brendan Jay Sullivan (Paris): Bookstores Featured: Elliot Bay Books (Seattle, WA) Bookhampton (Easthampton, NY) Cook & Book (Brussels, Belgium) Tropismes (Brussels, Belgium) Boekhandel Dominicanen (Maastricht, Netherlands) Ler Devagar (Lisbon, Portugal) Obidos Bookshops (Obidos, Portugal) The Literary Man Hotel (Obidos, Portugal) Lello (Porto, Portugal) Re-Read (Barcelona, Spain) Cultura (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Saraiva (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Livraria Da Vila (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Ateneo Gran Splendid (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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