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Imagine Imagine having an employer who took care of their customers, community and employees. At Telstra, powered by TeleTech you can expect that kind of commitment. Sense of Belonging You will fit right in. This uncharted partnership means you get the support of two exceptional organizations. Industry Expertise Telstra, Australia's largest telecommunications company and TeleTech, a pioneer in consulting, technology and customer care have created a partnership to enhance the level of service for their customers around the globe. Rewarding Work Together, we are committed to creating a rewarding, fun and stimulating work environment by employing a diverse and talented group of individuals. When you work with us you get to work with friendly and appreciative customers and teammates. Customers who seek your advice and rely on your expertise and teammates who always have your back. Supportive Environment You will find yourself in the heart of a work environment that asks for your input, acknowledges your ideas and puts them into action. Career Development You'll experience strong and supportive leaders who are vested in your career aspirations and will work with you to achieve those goals by providing hands-on coaching, mentoring and development whether you are new to the job market, in mid-career or a seasoned employee. Come and be part of Telstra powered by TeleTech family today and imagine a future filled with possibilities. To learn more about how you can be part of the Telstra powered by TeleTech family, visit http://bit.ly/telstracebu.
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What is 4GX? - Telstra Mobile
Director of Devices at Telstra, Andrew Volard talks about Telstra’s new 4G service, 4GX which brings higher speeds and extra 4G coverage to a range of communities across the nation. For more information go to: https//www.telstra.com/4gx Transcript Hi. I'm Andy Volard from Telstra. As humans, we love things that go faster, and that's why we're introducing 4GX. 4GX is our new mobile service that's bringing extreme speeds and extra 4G coverage to a range of communities across the nation. It's a big step forward in mobile performance, built on some of the world's most advanced network technology. So, what will 4GX offer? First, 4GX is the new benchmark in mobile Internet speeds in Australia. Customers using 4GX devices in 4GX areas can get faster speeds than those using our regular 4G. That's better for downloading, for streaming, for sharing. Of course, like all mobile networks, speeds vary depending on the device you're using, the network conditions and, you know, which apps you're using at the time. Secondly, with a 4GX device, you'll get extra in-building coverage than you do with our current 4G footprint. That means you'll get: faster internet speeds in more offices in more buildings in more places at home and even in more lifts. In regional areas, 4GX can go further too, creating better coverage than our current 4G. And third, 4GX doubles our 4G bandwidth, meaning there's more 4G to share. So, you can do more things on your device with fewer slowdowns, even in peak hour or in places like the shopping centre or even on a bus. Best of all, some of this year's most popular devices are 4GX ready, like the iPhone 6, HTC M8, and the Galaxy S5. 4GX is already available to a selected number of communities across Australia, and we're extending the service to capital CBDs and 50 regional locations by January 2015. So, if you want to find out what faster feels like, head to telstra.com/4gx.
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How to Set Up Your Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband WiFi Device - Telstra Mobile Broadband
A quick "how to" guide that takes you through the few simple steps required to set up your new Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband WiFi hotspot and connect it with your desired device. For more information please visit: http://go.telstra.com.au/helpandsupport/-/setting-up-telstra-pre-paid-mobile-broadband Hi, I'm Damian from Telstra and in this video I'll be showing you how to set up your Telstra Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi device. There are a few easy steps, so let's get started. First check that you have a SIM card in the device. You'll find it underneath the battery. Put the battery and the cover back on and then turn the device on by holding the power key. When it's powered up, the Wi-Fi device will normally show you the Wireless network name on the screen. This is sometimes referred to as an SSID. To find this key on the Telstra 4G WiFi, simply press the menu button, scroll down to info and press the power button. If your Wi-Fi device doesn't have a screen, the Key will also be displayed on the Security Card that comes in your device box. On your tablet, go to your wireless network settings and search for the wireless network name that matches what's on your Wi-Fi hotspot display screen. If you're connecting an Apple iPad, you can find these settings in the Wi-Fi menu. Or, if you're connecting a Laptop, make sure that you have Wi-Fi enabled. Select that network and enter your Wireless Security Key. This is displayed on the screen of your Wi-Fi device or on your Security Card Great news, you're now connected to your own personal wireless network. However to use your new service, you'll now need to activate it if you haven't already done so. For tips on how to activate your Telstra service, click next or follow the link in the video description on YouTube. Got any other videos you want us to make? Leave your comments below. Thanks for watching.
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